Health Systems- Start Loving Your Current Patients!

Keeping your existing patients in network is as important as getting new patients.


Integrated Health Care Works!

I was reading about some awesome work being done by foundations like the Nicholson Foundation and health systems like Cherokee Health to bring integrated health to the underserved and those with behavioral health concerns.  The premise is that the more services you offer at the primary care office, the greater chance that patient is going … Continue reading Integrated Health Care Works!

Colleges and Universities Need Health and Wellness Education Stations

My daughter is a freshman in college.  She had to visit the infirmary this week to deal with a cold.  As I was asking questions about what her diagnosis was, what meds were given, and the directions to administer them, I realized that there is a significant need for health and wellness education stations on … Continue reading Colleges and Universities Need Health and Wellness Education Stations

Why Health Systems Need Integrated Marketing!

It is an interesting time in healthcare as the patient is beginning to have more power.  Terms like engagement, satisfaction, behavior, navigation coupled with the term “patient” show that healthcare employees are focused on treating the whole person.  The fact that doctors are now rated and published on websites for the sole purpose of helping … Continue reading Why Health Systems Need Integrated Marketing!

Helping Underserved Communities Live Healthier

We were talking to a mayor of a prominent city in New Jersey with a large underserved community a few months ago about the need for patient education.  We were discussing important things like getting the message out on free services that the local, state and Federal governments provide like mobile screenings, flu shots and … Continue reading Helping Underserved Communities Live Healthier

In House Messaging Boards Are Not Patient Education

A couple of potential clients have told us that they are not interested because they have in house messaging systems in their lobbies.  These systems alert people of cafeteria hours, parking validation procedures, gift shop hours, and the like.  This is all important information for visitors, but it cannot be considered patient education. Patient education … Continue reading In House Messaging Boards Are Not Patient Education