Now, More than Ever, We Need Patient Education

Halo Logo SayingWe were visiting a client today whose health system is amid an Epic integration.  They explained how the doctor is tasked with data entry during an exam.  They also explained how the forces efficiency by measuring the time an appointment takes.

Our client said they were glad patients had a chance to learn about their illness in the waiting room through our systems because the doctors are Epic-focused and their nursing load has been reduced- leaving the patients to be educated by the TV.  What a great testimonial?!

The real loser is the patient.  They are the ones losing value time with their medical team to ask questions, get detailed treatment plans, and that personal touch that bonds the patient with their team.  They are being left to fend for themselves.  Health systems need to spend less time talking about patient experience, patient engagement, and patient satisfaction and more time doing it.

They need to reduce the bloated layers of management and consultants and give their team tools to make the health experience faster, cheaper and more accurate.  In short, they need to act like a real consumer focused business.  They need to create tools that their core users, the aging population, can use with ease.  They need to make their services easier to use and more intuitive.  And they need to educate the patient on their health and their health system.

Really, they need to work with Halo Health.  Halo focuses on providing personalized patient education delivered to the patient at their times of need- in waiting or exam rooms, during in patient stays, and when the patient is home after an event.  Halo works with the health system to create content that is easy to view, understand and put into action.

Halo Health makes the medical staffs job easier by taking the time to explain why sugary foods are bad for diabetics and the obese in simple terms.  Same goes for smoking cessation, skin cancer prevention, and 150 other topics.  Halo gives patients the facts in a simple to understand format.  Your staff becomes more efficient and can spend more time answering pertinent questions and demonstrating how to use equipment after the patient has been exposed to their needs.

If a health system is going to invest tens of millions in an EHR, they should at least invest 1% in a real patient education platform that is going to support their lack of service.  Contact Halo Health to learn more at (856) 520-8655 or


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