Four Ways to Make Exam Rooms Fun!

Exam RoomAsk any patient what the most boring part of their health visit and they’ll tell you the time they spend in the exam room by themselves.  They are in various stages of undress and typically cannot use their cellphones due to interference from equipment.  They basically stare at the decades old poster of a skeleton and a random drug poster.

But that doesn’t have to the way you treat your patients.  You take the time to invest in your exam rooms to make the patients more engaged and prepared for their appointments.  As study after study show, more engaged patients follow treatment plans, are more satisfied and are less likely to sue their provider for frivolous malpractice.

Some really simple things are:

  1. Provide a tablet with a customized patient education app in the exam room. This app can be personalized to have information about your health system, the common disease states that you treat and tips on living with each condition.
  2. Add informational screen savers to your computers that help patients learn more about their disease states and your practice. These educational screen savers are also personalized for your health system or practice and are a great way to keep patients off your computers.
  3. Add a digital display that promotes the health system, your practice, healthy living, ancillary service providers and FAQs. This information can be looped so every patient sees it or created in a touch screen environment so patient can go on their own journey.
  4. Pipe music into the room. It alleviates the silence.

Halo Health can help you with this.  We are patient education experts that focus on improving the patient experience and increasing satisfaction.  Our content is made for your office only and keeps the patient engaged until their appointment.  Solutions start at $29 per month.  Contact us at 856-520-8655 or


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