Patient Education as Reinforcements

We are now about 4 weeks into our New Years Resolutions and statistics show that over 75% of the people have given up on them.  Not a good way to start the year, knowing that you are going to fail.

That got me thinking about the advice doctors give their patients.  I would image that the fail rate is equally as high if not higher.  Think about a person who is obese and is told they need to lose weight.  Most conversations focus on the end result, but not the process.  As a result, the patient goes full bore into the changes then quickly bores of them or does not see the miracle changes they expect by giving up all the foods that they love.

The time between appointments is radio silenced for the patient.  The doctor nor her office are checking in on the patient, encouraging them or providing them advice on how to stay on the path.  This situation is made for patient education.  Having a program that sends daily encouragement and weekly recipes keeps the patient engaged and gives them a sense of ownership on the task- much like working out with a partner helps people whose resolution was to get fit.

The implementation of a program like this is very simple and is a super cost-effective way to reach patients with all disease states and comorbidities.  It combines simple technologies that your office and patients are already using (email and YouTube) and brings your office or health system into your patients’ homes in a very innocuous way.

We have piloted this program with one of our clients and they have seen great engagement numbers.  It is a little too early to see results, but they are promising.  If you’d like to learn more, please contact me directly at or at (856) 520-8655.


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